One week Vaishnava spiritual camp | July 25 to August 1 2016

Since 1994, with the initiative of Srila B. A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj who organized the Summer Melas. This is a good opportunity to exchange experiences about the community with spiritual teachings and listening to bhajans. Retreat from the busy city of traffic and noise, for a week in Nandafalva to revive with a beautiful & peaceful environment of spirit.


The accommodation is as usual. Primarily our forest campsite, beside the church. If you can not be in the campground, you should register yourself as soon as possible. As long as free beds in the different houses are available, we try to take into account the individual needs, but there are very limited possibilities which we can find. If you only extremely upon your arrival room preferences, then houses, hotels, free rooms are probably just outside Nandafalva possible.

The forested campground is not unpleasant, but if you arrive at night, it will be difficult to pitch your tent. The forest camping is cultivated with toilets and showers with warm water equipped. Also this year, we make sure that the pump does not turn off, and the whole day should warm water available. If you want more comfort and you can financially afford, we can help you with reservation the newly built, at 2 km distance, beautiful Family Hotel.


During the Mela, we offer vegetarian meals, Prasadh three times a day. Vegan food is also possible. If possible ingredients also vegan dishes are used so that the different eating habits for all are suitable, or more as needed in small amounts are prepared. For example, we let the milk products off the brew, and at the end of the Preparations be served with or without dairy products. We ask all who follow a diet, such as; vegan or gluten free to let us know that we can also plan including your notifications.

Willingness for individual service during the Mela

The Mela was always a perfect example of the successful cooperation. This week-long event is the result of cooperation, among many participants. It provides ample opportunity in devotional service to engage during the camp. This is not only a spiritual benefit for practitioners but also in the case of need for help! We ask you when you registrate yourself to announce service, with a little help by your choice: temple, kitchen, pots, preparation, distribution, prasadam, cleaning, Prasadam hall, camping, Ashram, waste separation and disposal, transport services, etc.

If you inviting guests

If you take guests to Mela, please be willing to care for them, you take care for them. Prepare them in advance of the circumstances, conditions and inform them of the Mela program.

Kids programs for families

If you are arriving with children,they are programs specially organized for children during the day. Every year it is possible to draw, crafts, and a small playground for children is also available. Because of security and tranquility, we ask the parents to each other in personal Childcare to help each other.

Animals may not be brought to the Mela

It is important to note that especially dogs can not participate for the Mela. Dogs have always caused tensions with other wild creatures. Often get confused because of the large crowd. Besides the fact that dogs interfere  the programs & meals. Of course, absolute dog ban inside buildings.

Participation fees

The participation fee of 16 EUR / day / person (including accommodation) or 12EUR / day / person (without accommodation). A whole week of 108 EUR until the evening of your arrival payable. Other perks are for children until 6 years participation is free of charge, only 50% from 6 to 16.

Application and Registration

Share when you are coming, please let us know how many persons, services, comments! Once again; Please, how long and how many people we have to receive, and also if you have a particular idea or wishes.

Here you can contact us:
Zoltan Krasznai Svarup
+36 70 339-8676

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gitamanjari devi dasi June 4, 2011 at 09:15


I am gitamanjari from Colombia, and know I am living in Germany. I am really interested in this mela, but I have to say that I am not sure if I can afford the whole thing including tickets, etc.So I was just wandering if there is a possibility of discount or something. Additionally, I want to know how it works, I mean because I don´t have in this moment tent or sleeping and I would go alone.

kabók mihály June 23, 2011 at 20:55

the mela will end 31. of july or 1. august ?

Prema Mandal July 6, 2011 at 20:37

1. August.
Or it can be longer, just stay there more. :)

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